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Mechanical Seals

Fluid Sealing International can design mechanical seals to fit your sealing requirements.

Oil & Gas Industry

FSI designs and manufactures sealing products for applications encountered in the oil and gas industry

Machining Services

FSI’s measurement technology allows our company to maximize efficiency and improve processes.

Seal Failure Analysis

As a seal is disassembled all parts are inspected to determine their condition.

Seal Repair Services

Fluid Sealing International can repair your seal once a complete inspection is performed.

Technical Resources

Mechanical seal technical information makes each FSI seal a customer, equipment, and specific design.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified


JCP (Enhanced Certification Program) Certified

Who We Are

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Fluid Sealing International is a mechanical seal manufacturer focused on the needs and requirements of its customers. Since 1982, the FSI policy has been to design, manufacture, provide, and service the most reliable sealing systems available to today’s industries. Our goal is to make a difference in, and an impact on the global sealing marketplace.

We understand that each customer as well as each seal application is unique. From our standard product line, to a specifically engineered custom seal, we have listened to what our customers want and expect from a mechanical seal manufacturer. This has resulted in Customer – Driven Designs.

We are proud of our company, our products, and our people. We continuously strive to be our customers manufacturer of choice when it comes to fluid sealing products.

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