The 6080 is a dual cartridge metal bellows seal designed for unpressurized (API Plan 52) or pressurized (API Plan 53) operation. This seal is fully compliant with API 682 Arrangement 2/3 for Type B and C seals for the Oil & Gas industry..


  • Double pressurized design for safety and zero emissions
  • Designed to operate with API Plan 53 piping arrangement
  • Pumping ring for positive barrier fluid circulation
  • Maximum containment of hazardous fluids
  • Inner seal double balanced to withstand pressure reversal
  • Full containment outer seal with same pressure rating as inner seal


  • Pressure:  Up to 300 psig
  • Temperature:  -40 F to +400 F (-40 C to + 204 C)


  • Metal:  316SS & Low Expansion Alloy
  • Bellows:  Inconel 718
  • Seal Faces:  Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Ni Tungsten Carbide
  • Secondary Seals:  Die formed Graphoil, Perfluoroelastomer, Fluoroelastomer

As always, Contact Your FSI Rep for applications which approach or exceed these parameters.