Type 3B-1/BA Dual Cartridge Pusher Seal

3B-1/BA Series Mechanical SealsFEATURES:

  • Tandem design for safety and near zero emissions
  • Containment of primary seal leakage for controlled disposal
  • Balanced multi-spring inner seal
  • Full pressure rated outer seal for product containment pumping ring for positive barrier fluid circulation
  • Designed to operate with API Plan 52 piping arrangement
  • Hydro-pad rotating face available on inner seal


  • Pressure:  Up to 750 psig
  • Water Temperature:  32F to 275F (0 C to 135 C)
  • Other Liquid Temperature:  -40 F to +400 F (-40 C to + 204 C)
  • Specific Gravity:  .37 and higher


  • Metal:  316SS, Alloy C-276, Alloy 20
  • Seal Faces:  Carbon Rotating Faces, Silicon Carbide & Ni Tungsten Carbide Stationary Faces
  • Secondary Seals:  Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer, Perfluoroelastomer, EPR, PTFE