mechanical_seals_6030The 6030 & 6040 mechanical seal line is a single cartridge rotating metal bellows seal designed for general service in refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industries.


  • Inherently and hydraulically balanced
  • Centralized face loading ensures even face loading (flatness) throughout all temperature and pressure ranges
  • Tangential porting to maximize flush effectiveness
  • All o-rings are static; no dynamic o-rings
  • Rotating bellows design are self cleaning, through rotational expulsion of particulates
  • The 6040 is provided with quench and drain ports as standard. Options include restriction bushing, lip seal or die formed graphite ring containment system.


  • Temperatures: 0°F to 750°F* (-20 C to 380 C)
  • Pressures: Up to 300 psi* (20 Bar)
  • Shaft Speeds: Up to 3600 RPM*


  • Metal Components:  AM350 SS, nconel 718 as Standard
  • Seal Face Materials:  Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
  • Elastomers:  Fluoroelastomer, Perfluoroelastomer, Aflas, EPR/EPDM as standard o-ring materials. All other commercially available elastomers as specified. Type 6090 utilizes Graphoil secondary seals for high temperature applications.
  • Sizes:  Up to 5.00