Minimizing Downtime While Maximizing Savings.

FSI partnered with one of our distributors, Anchor Seals Inc., to help solve a steel plant’s challenge. Read about how both companies worked together to get the job done while saving the customer time and money.

Minimizing Downtime while Maximizing Savings.

Anchor Seals introduced Fluid Sealing International (FSI) to a large steel company who was unsatisfied with what their vendor or supplier was telling them about a major pump repair. The end-user (steel company) had a large vertical turbine pump go down, and there were no replacement parts available for the existing pump bowl. The pump manufacturer could only offer the end-user a new pump that required more electrical power and a larger structural footprint than the existing pump.

The end-user would have to buy the new pump, expand the capacity of their electrical system and re-engineer the layout and infrastructure around the pump.

FSI put together a cross-discipline team to develop a solution that minimized the cost, downtime and disruption to the customer’s operations:

  • Mechanical: FSI reengineered a pump with a more efficient bowl assembly than the current pump, raising pump efficiency to 86%.
  • Electrical: The more efficient pump meant that the customer could run the pump on the existing 1100hp motor without any decrease in pump discharge.
  • Structural: The pu­­­mp used the existing discharge header, and fit on the same footprint as the previous pump.
  • Operational: Integrating the 52SS split mechanical seal made installation easier, along with future maintenance.

There’s a reason why FSI has mechanical, electrical and systems engineers on staff: projects are about more than “just” seals.

This was a team win at every level. Experts from across FSI worked closely with Anchor Seals and the customer throughout the process. The customer saved time and money, and we have more knowledge and experience to put into solving the next problem.

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