Reverse Engineering Saves the Day!

A FSI distributor had an emergency seal repair and called FSI for a solution. The pump distributor’s end-user was experiencing down-time because when the pump was put into service, the pump locked up and wouldn’t turn freely. It was determined that the seal failed and the seal sleeve was found to be galled to the pump shaft. The pump was equipped with a Flowserve API Design seal. The end-user reached out to Flowserve; however, Flowserve was unable to respond quickly.

That’s were FSI got involved. We dissembled, inspected and determined that the seal sleeve was damaged beyond repair and a new seal sleeve would need to be manufactured. Using our FaroArm, we were able to reverse engineer the mechanical seal sleeve.

After the seal sleeve was manufactured, we built up the Flowserve seal and pressure tested it to make sure that it passed the API 682 standard specifications. Everything was completed in 3 days!

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