Ultimate Seal that Replaces the Use of External Flush

When a customer’s system was continually clogging due to the outside flush source, one of our distributors contacted FSI to review the application. Our distributor’s end-user was in need of a solution and wanted to get away from using their existing API Plan 32. An API Plan 32 delivers a clean flush fluid into the seal chamber from an external source.FSI recommended our newly designed and state-of-the-art 1040 EQ seal. The 1040 EQ makes your single seal act like a double seal. In addition, the 1040 EQ:

• Drastically reduces operational failure modes
• Eliminates the need for a seal pot
• Conserves water — no flush necessary

By using the 1040 EQ, FSI was able to eliminate the outside water source (API Plan 32) by replacing it with our self-lubricating system that is incorporated into the seal port. In addition, the 1040 EQ has a design feature with a pumping scroll which lowers the stuffing box pressure and allows the seal to run on the fluid supplied by the luber.

Because of the upgrade to a 1040 EQ, the end-user has eliminated the use of an outside flush and their system is now operating within the design of the pump.  The 1040 EQ is so effective, that it can replace a double cartridge seal and seal pot. For more information on the 1040 EQ seal, download the 1040 EQ brochure: https://bit.ly/3tJ5u6b or contact FSI today at 412-865-2101.